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Education’s role in the new world of work (vidcast)

Written by: on  December 9, 2011

Here’s a 12 minute discussion on the role of education in the new world of work, and what we need to do to change schools and universities to provide us with the type of people we need for the future world of work.

The learning websites referred to in the video are:

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  • Andrew Munro

    Wonderfully compelling, passionate delivery.  I love the video format.

    It’s a serious topic, fraught with risks.  While we probably all acknowledge that education needs to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and workplace, I suspect we are also nervous of making changes to as profoundly important a matter as our children’s education.  This is especially the case in the UK, having seen the damage done by ill-conceived notions of how to teach basic skills like reading.

    In fairness, I do see changes in my son’s eductaion comapred to my own: he is probably more naturally collaborative and independent in learning than I was.  But more is needed.  We need carefully considered boldness to meet the needs of the 21st – rather than the 19th – century.

  • Graeme Codrington

    Thanks for your comment, Andrew.  Yes, things have changed, but not enough.  Much of the change is tweaking – I suggest a revolution is needed.  I actually think the real sticking point is not schools and teachers, but universities and parents!