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Enviable Workplace Programme

‘Helping leaders to better create, communicate & measure great company culture’

For the last seven years (on top of our decades of individual experience) we have been working with company culture experts to understand what makes an enviable workplace. We have taken that experience and expertise to create the Enviable Workplace Programme.

We’ve learned that competitive advantage is less and less about WHAT you do, and more and more about WHO you are and HOW you do it.

A company’s market value is increasingly determined by intangible assets such as reputation, stakeholder experience and company culture. Create an internal environment that allows people to create more value than they could if they were employed elsewhere.

Enviable Workplace Programme

You can tailor the Enviable Workplace Programme to focus on any aspect of workplace culture. We focus on three levels to build that successful culture: Individual, Team and Company:

Enviable Workplace Programme Venn
By providing individual & team coaching, workshops, and social frameworks, we help:

  • Develop a purpose-driven, collaborative, engaged workplace for new hires so you can attract new customers and talent
  • Accelerate employee development so you can increase revenue and build brand awareness
  • Create a culture of productive, engaged and happy staff so you can increase competitive advantage in their marketplace


Introducing our Purpose Survey

According to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2015, 60% of their 7,800 Millennial respondents (those born in 1982 or later) reported that they chose to join their current employer in part because of the organisation’s “sense of purpose”.

Envialbe Workplace's Purpose Survey

Enviable Workplace’s Purpose Survey was designed to measure your organisation’s level of alignment and identify the drivers of any misalignment.

We can help you to better understand your business by providing you with a report that includes a purpose alignment score and a purpose engagement score for your company (and for individual departments or roles – if your organisation is big enough).

Finally, you’ll receive a driver analysis report to help you understand how your company’s levels of purpose alignment and engagement are impacting business outcomes like employee recruitment and retention.


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Enviable Workplace has also partnered with London Business School supplying speakers to their global corporate programmes.


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