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GenY Company Culture Book Review: Tony Hsieh – Delivering Happiness

Written by: on  August 20, 2010

Overall Delivering Happiness is a tuna sandwich of the new world of work book world – pleasant for some but nothing new. I’m sure some will enjoy Tony Hsieh’s storytelling style and humor while others will feel it’s recycled and drags on. In my opinion, it is not a must read because it’s all been said before and contains too much self congratulation within the covers.

However, Tony is a sharp dude so here are four very valid points in his book I would like to point out that resonated. Check to see if your company is missing any of these four points to create happy company culture, especially for your GenY’s:

1. Perceived Progress: Do your employees have a way of knowing how they are progressing within the company on a regular basis?

2. Valuable Connections: Are they connected within the company in person and online?

3. Perceived Control: Do you trust your staff with their social media accounts; do employees have the ability to chose how to develop within a company? Grow as a worker and as a person?

4. Community Purpose: We need to feel like we are part of something bigger. Is there a cause/purpose/meaning that ties in with your company brand/values?



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