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Kursty Groves

Writes on: physical space

Kursty Groves is  an award-winning designer, innovation consultant, author, speaker, professor and workplace strategy advisor.

Her particular passion is in helping organisations to cultivate the right cultural and physical environments to support innovation. Clients include retail fashion brands, automotive manufacturers, and the UK government.

Her experience includes designing & running creativity workshops, driving innovation and internal transformation projects and coaching senior executives around innovation culture issues.

In her book,  I Wished I Worked There – (2010), Kursty went behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative companies, uncovering insights that drive their success.  Her latest book, Spaces for Innovation: The Design and Science of Inspiring Environments (2016), commissioned by independent innovation foundation Nesta, guides leaders and designers alike through the important elements that make effective environments for exceptional work performance.

Kursty is launching a comprehensive programme of workshops and events, tools, site visits and executive learning to support the creation of effective and business focused environments for future-facing organisations.

Appointed in 2013 as adjunct professor at the IE University in Madrid, she is running a postgraduate Masters class: New Trends in Spaces for Innovation.


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